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x-ray badge reporting service

Why Use Med-Pro?

Radiation Badge

Why use Med-Pro radiation detection badges and not our competitors?

Simply put, Med-Pro, Inc.  takes care of its customers. Med-Pro offers free online management of your account that allows the Radiation Safety Officer or the designated account holder to have the ability of adding users to changing the color of theirs badges.  By empowering our customers to download their radiation detection reports at their convenience and offering some of the lowest rates in the industry, Med-Pro, Inc. has become one of the fastest growing dosimeter badge companies in the nation. How is this possible? We are committed to YOU the customer! We are constantly working to keep our services both easy and affordable for the end user.

Included with your subscription, you receive free downloads of your NRC Form 5 and you have the ability to change of users.  Our laboratory is one of the oldest in the industry and maintains all of the needed certifications that helps you become OSHA compliant. Our customer service agents are here to help and because we are constantly adding staff, we have one of the highest retention rates in the radiation monitoring badge industry. When other companies are trying to “nickel and dime” their customers,  at Med-Pro Inc. you will not find any hidden fee’s or be given teaser rates.

Remember, our prices are below the industry average and we are constantly improving our offerings to help make the overall radiation detection experience both easy and affordable.  When you want to save money and have the largest Panasonic TLD lab as your provider, go to http://Med-Pro to order your radiation detection badges in under 5 mins!

Med-Pro, Inc Your Radiation Badge Service

Why use Med-Pro, Inc as your radiation badge service provider?

1. We have made radiation monitoring simple. Our x-ray badge reporting service is simple to use. Our “My Account” provided by our lab RDC provides a simple solution to add, subtract and read reports via the internet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And it’s free!

2. We offer the lowest prices for passive dosimetry monitoring. Med-Pro, Inc. has the most competitive pricing in the industry by working hard with our staff to keep our overhead low. While other radiation monitoring companies “mark up” the costs dramatically, we have been been able to offer the same service as a fraction of the cost. Med-Pro, Inc. has contracted with the world’s largest all-Panasonic lab and ranks high in customer satisfaction.

3. Med-Pro, Inc. does not require any long term contracts and we have no hidden fee’s. Many of our customers are surprised that Med-Pro, Inc. offers one free control dosimeter with every order, does not charge to view reports and the user can make additions or deletions free of charge.

4. Med-Pro, Inc. has made a commitment to care for our environment and go paperless whenever possible. WE ARE GREEN!