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Med-Pro, Inc Your Radiation Badge Service

Why use Med-Pro, Inc as your radiation badge service provider?

1. We have made radiation monitoring simple. Our x-ray badge reporting service is simple to use. Our “My Account” provided by our lab RDC provides a simple solution to add, subtract and read reports via the internet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And it’s free!

2. We offer the lowest prices for passive dosimetry monitoring. Med-Pro, Inc. has the most competitive pricing in the industry by working hard with our staff to keep our overhead low. While other radiation monitoring companies “mark up” the costs dramatically, we have been been able to offer the same service as a fraction of the cost. Med-Pro, Inc. has contracted with the world’s largest all-Panasonic lab and ranks high in customer satisfaction.

3. Med-Pro, Inc. does not require any long term contracts and we have no hidden fee’s. Many of our customers are surprised that Med-Pro, Inc. offers one free control dosimeter with every order, does not charge to view reports and the user can make additions or deletions free of charge.

4. Med-Pro, Inc. has made a commitment to care for our environment and go paperless whenever possible. WE ARE GREEN!

Expanded Imaging Standards Being Proposed

Joint Commission seeks to expand imaging standards

By Wayne Forrest, staff writer

August 15, 2013 — The U.S. Joint Commission has proposed more-stringent requirements in the ambulatory care, critical access hospital, and hospital accreditation programs for facilities that provide CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, and PET services.

“Research has indicated that the current Joint Commission requirements need to be enhanced to address several significant quality- and safety-related issues associated with diagnostic imaging,” the commission stated in its proposed revisions.

A number of revisions have been suggested. For example, facilities that provide CT, PET, or nuclear medicine services would be required to monitor radiation exposure levels for all staff and licensed independent practitioners who routinely work with those modalities. The commission noted that the precautions are typically addressed with exposure meters, such as personal dosimetry badges.

The facilities would also be required to take “appropriate actions to keep staff radiation exposure levels below regulatory limits.”

Facilities that provide MRI services would need to restrict the access of everyone not screened by staff to an area adjacent to the MRI scanner room entrance, and also ensure that this restricted area is controlled and supervised by MRI-trained staff. In addition, signs must be posted at the entrance to the MRI scanner room that state the magnet is always on.

The newly proposed rules also mandate a shielding integrity survey of rooms where ionizing radiation will be emitted or radioactive materials will be used or stored, such as scanning and injection rooms.


Dentists Only Discount-Radiation Safety

Because dentists play such a key part of our business, this summer we are honoring you! Simply sign up for our dosimetry services, say “summer 2013” and you will receive up to 10% off our already prices. Remember, we have no hidden fee’s or additional costs for reviewing your reports.

SIgn up for your radiation badges in only 5 minutes!. It’s that easy!

This offer is good only for dental practices during the months of June-August.