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dosimetry services

No Hidden Fee’s With Med-Pro, Inc. Radiation Monitoring

What should my practice expect from Med-Pro, Inc?

Change users with no fee
Comprehensive reports available online with your exposure history automatically updated
Badges sent automatically
No account maintenance or set-up fees
Free Control badges with every shipment
Automatic renewal

Med-Pro, Inc. offers personalized X-ray badges and uses state-of-the-art technology with 4 elements to measure exposure at 3 tissue levels and include report from an NVLAP/ISO accredited laboratory.

Dentists Only Discount-Radiation Safety

Because dentists play such a key part of our business, this summer we are honoring you! Simply sign up for our dosimetry services, say “summer 2013” and you will receive up to 10% off our already prices. Remember, we have no hidden fee’s or additional costs for reviewing your reports.

SIgn up for your radiation badges in only 5 minutes!. It’s that easy!

This offer is good only for dental practices during the months of June-August.

How Does Radiation Affect Our Life Expectancy?

How Does Radiation Affect Our Life Expectancy?

How does radiation affect our life expectancy? Are everyday activities negatively impacting your life expectancy? Does flying in an airplane or watching TV expose you adversely and put you at risk? Many are surprised to find out that simple, every day activities can possibly shorten their life expectancy. Cosmic radiation can from flying extended periods of time can possibly have an impact on your health. Deemed safe by most, does ionizing radiation emitted from television and computer screens adversely affect us? Are you at risk? Do you know how much radiation exposure is impacting you?  Will radiation affect your life expectancy?

This is an amazing link that will help put things in perspective.

Why should I monitor EVERYONE in my office?

Every employee monitored with radiation badges are a beneficiary as they work with peace of mind knowing their health is not at risk.

Company owners and mangers are also beneficiaries of our dosimetry service as documented occupational dose monitoring can provide protection against current or future legal employee health claims (so long as the owner is able to show documented evidence that his/her employees did not exceed their occupational dose limits during their term of employment).

This is why records should be kept for lifetime of business.

Badge Wearer

Your safety is our business. We are committed to working with you for great customer care and low prices.

Annual Dose Limits for Radiation Workers

TEDE < 5000 mrem

Total Effective Dose Equivalent

Sum of internal and external whole body doses

Lens of eye < 15000 mrem


What is your risk? Will your exposure reduce your life expectancy?

Pay It Forward

Am proud of two of my children who will be spending most of their Christmas break on the mission field, one going to Mexico and the other headed to the Dominican Republic. Amazed that my children have done so well and are learning the value of “paying it forward”. Med-Pro Inc is also committed to being generous. The values and DNA of our organization require us to be good stewards with what we have been given. During 2013 we are committed to giving our current and future customers great service with extremely competitive pricing on radiation monitoring at Further, we will give large discounts on  dosimetry service for organizations that serve the poor. We will also be supporting nonprofits that are both local and  global.

So my question for you is this, “what can you do in 2013 to pay it forward”?

As we look at the Christmas season and the start of a New Year, let’s commit to make a difference.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Paul Walker

Pres of Med-Pro, Inc.