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Industries Served

Industries Using Radiation Detection Badges

Industries served needing radiation monitoring vary from medical, industrial and government agencies. Not sure which radiation badge is right for your practice of business? Click here for more information. Med-Pro, Inc. is committed to offering the highest quality personal radiation detection badges at the lowest price without compromising  quality of service. Our accredited laboratory has a short turn around of reading dosimeter badges while offering easy to read online reports. Typically badges received are read and the radiation exposure report available within 24-48 hours! Whether you are veterinary clinic that needs radiation monitoring for a handful of staff or a hospital that has 100s of users wearing radiation badges, we want to serve you!

Our radiation monitoring  badges set the standard for personal passive radiation monitoring for healthcare professionals in fluoroscopic environments who work in Cardiac Cath Labs,  Interventional Radiology, Orthopedics, Anesthesiology, Pain Management, Dentistry, Chiropractors and Veterinary practices. We offer industry leading monitoring, ease of use, and performance.

Call (800) 697-1517 and let Med-Pro be your radiation monitoring badge supplier!

radiation protection

dental practice

Dental Practices

Managing a dental practice and providing a radiation monitoring program for your employee’s can be overwhelming. Med-Pro, Inc. wants to be your partner and offer easy to use radiation detection badges so you can focus on your practice.

radiation protection vets

veterinary radiation detection

Veterinary Hospitals

Vets and their staff can be exposed to large amounts of scatter radiation while taking multiple x-rays throughout the day. Protect yourself and your employee’s by providing radiation detection badges from Med-Pro, Inc.

radiation monitoring hospitals

healthcare radiation monitoring


The medical environment requires the use of radiation monitoring badges to meet the needs of local and government standards, while providing radiation safety for health staff. Med-Pro, Inc. is committed to providing high-quality dosimetry badge services for both small and large healthcare providers.

lab radiation protection

laboratories radiation protection

Laboratories & Health Physics

Med-Pro, Inc. offers solutions for individual protection of scientist using radionuclides and ionizing radiation in their research. Whenever you are doing experiments we carry about your personal safety.W

radiation monitoring intl sales

global sales radiation monitoring

Global Sales

Med-Pro, Inc. is experienced in sending our dosimetry badges to customers located all over the world. From Africa to Europe, we can provide the right radiation detection services for your company.

nuclear plants radiation detection

nuclear radiation detection

Nuclear Fuel Production

For those needing radiation detection for low energy neutrons, we off our standard four element dosimeter with Track Etch technology.

first responders radiation detection

govt and first responders radiation protection

Govt. and First Responders

We recognize the sacrifice and danger that our TSA, police and fire personnel face while protecting our communities. Wear our TLD/XBGN radiation detection badge with your uniform to measure possible exposure. We have been engaged in the public service arena for over 25 years!

industrial scatter radiation

industrial radiation protection


There are many common uses of ionizing radiation in manufacturing, mining and construction. Using our extremity rings and TLD badges can help monitor radiation exposure of your employee’s and could safeguard your businesses from future litigation.