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Your Safety, Our Business. Med-Pro, Inc.


Your Safety Is Our Business

At Med-Pro Inc. dosimetry your safety is our business. We are  committed to serving our customers by providing the best products with competitive pricing without compromising safety or customer service. Using TLD badges (also known as x-ray badges or radiation badges), Med-Pro, Inc. values the safety and well-being of our customers. TLD is an industry standard technology that is more reliable than film and offers benefits over some of the other technologies on the market.

Med-Pro, Inc.  believes our customers deserve fair pricing and great customer service which is why we do not have any hidden costs or set up fees. Our lab has created the best online reporting system that is free for our customers and available 24 hours a day via the internet. The data provided by the badges is just another way Med-Pro, Inc makes your safety our business.

We offer a full array of personal dosimetry services to monitor radiation exposure. Our services help you as an employer maintain compliance with state and federal regulatory standards for medical, dental, industrial, research and government applications.

According to the NRC, employers most provide protection and monitoring to ensure doses are as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).  Any employee receiving 500 mrem in one year must have a dosimetry badge.

  • OUR LAB RDC is located in Georgetown, TX
  • RDC has been a leader in dosimetry services since 1949
    • NVLAP
    • ISO 100512-0 registered