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Pack Your Lunch and Protect Yourself!

Pack Your Lunch and Protect Yourself!

How much do you normally spend on lunch per day? It may surprise you to know that the average American spend $12.75 on lunch per day.

That’s right,  for less than the cost of going out to lunch for one week you can protect yourself from harmful radiation exposure! Med-Pro, Inc. has reduced the price of radiation detection badges to $59.00 per person per year for quarterly monitoring. While our competitors are raising their prices, we have been able to keep our costs low and pass the savings on to our customers.

For less than the cost of going out to lunch for one week, you can monitor your  exposure to  harmful scatter radiation for an entire year. If you own a practice, protect your business from potential litigation by keeping accurate radiation exposure records of your employee’s.

Need your badges in the next 48 hours? Call us at (800)697-1517 or email us at


Late Radiation Detection Badges?

What happens if my radiation badges are returned late? Unlike other companies that charge for late radiation detection badges, Med-Pro, Inc. actually will give a credit after the $35.00 late charge fee is applied. For our customers, we currently offer a $10.00 per badge credit towards future orders if the x-ray badge is returned in good condition, have been billed the $35.00 late fee and the account is active.

Make sure when sending your dosimeter badges back to the lab that you pay the extra fee to require a signature. In the years of providing radiation detection service, our lab has almost a perfect rating of not losing badges. All envelopes and packages are opened in a very controlled environment and a radiation exposure report is generated almost immediately. For your convenience, we always make at least two attempts to email the user on file as a reminder if badges are late. Further, we have instituted a six week grace period before applying the late fee’s. We have incorporated these best practices so that our customers have every opportunity to send their radiation detection badges to our lab with incurring fee’s. Simply put, we put our customers first and want to maintain one of the highest rates of customer retention in the radiation monitoring industry. If you have questions about your bill, simply email us  at and  one of our customer service agents will answer your question.

Dosimetry Badge Use & Misuse

Dosimetry Badge Use & Misuse. Many people wear their badges without regard to the guidelines prescribed by their provider. While on a business trip last week, I was eating breakfast when my attention was drawn to a gentleman that had on scrubs and was wearing a film dosimetry badge (one of our competitors). I asked about his badge and he told me that he is a traveling radiation technician and wears the badge all day long.

Three things stood out to me:

1. he was using older film badge technology (technology that is inferior to our TLD badges)
2. he was using a competitor, therefore paying too much
3. he wore his dosimetry badge to breakfast

“Radiation badges” (dosimeters) are designed to be worn on the outside of the clothing, around the chest or extremity during the time the individual is exposed to occupational radiation.

The dose measurement quantity, personal dose equivalent is defined by the International Commission of Radiological Protection (ICRP) as the dose equivalent in soft tissue at an appropriate depth within a specified point on the human body. The specified point is usually given by the position where the individual’s dosimeter is worn and NOT to be worn outside your work or lab related activities. Having your badge while traveling to work, going to lunch, etc. can easily give a false measurement of your radiation exposure.

Whole body and extremity dosimeters are available from Med-Pro, Inc. With a simple phone call, you can register yourself and your employee’s for protection. It can help you the provider stay within state and federal guidelines. Sign up is easy and only takes five minutes.

If you are currently using dosimetry badges, consider the following recommendations:

Wear your personal dosimeter and do not wear another worker’s badge.
Wear your whole body badge between your collar and waist. Wear your ring badge below your gloves with the label on the palm aspect of the hand that handles the radiation supply and so has the best potential for exposure.
Do not store your badge close to radiation sources or heat sources.
If you think your badge has been contaminated, visit your Radiation Safety Officer immediately.
Do not wear your badge once receiving medical radiation exposure (e.g., x-rays, tests, medicine, etc.)
View your dosimetry report often, this should be available online and easy to read. Your personalized report should tell you if you have been exposed to unhealthy doses of radiation. If you need more technical info, go to The RadioChemistry Society.

For more information visit radiation detection badge instructions

Radiation & Pregnancy, Healthcare Workers Should Know

Radiation & Pregnancy, Healthcare Workers Should Know


Radiation & pregnancy, healthcare workers should know the possibility and danger of prenatal radiation. There is some debate within the healthcare industry regarding the exposure from standard medical procedures. Outside of the overall stress of worry from the “mother to be” for those working in the healthcare industry, most experts agree that radiation can have a significant impact on the fetus especially when working in a medical environment.

Outside of the immediate dangers to both the mother and fetus, there are long term consequences that can happen as a result of exposure to ionizing radiation. According to the CDC’s website, “the human embryo and fetus are particularly sensitive to ionizing radiation, and the health consequences of exposure can be severe, even at radiation doses too low to immediately affect the mother. Such consequences can include growth retardation, malformations, impaired brain function, and cancer”.

Not every radiation exposure event may cause serious health effects to the fetus. So how do you know at what level the radiation dose is safe? The acute radiation dose to the embryo or fetus should never reach more than 0.50 Gy (5 rads). The danger to the fetus is because the cells are rapidly dividing and growing into specialized tissue and cells. Mutation of these healthy cells has been seen as a result of alcohol, infection, drugs and radiation. Our suggestion is to minimize exposure from ionizing radiation. When you must be around it, always practice the basics: time, distance, shielding and utilize a fetal radiation monitor from Med-Pro, Inc.

Are you a healthcare worker exposed to radiation and may be pregnant? Are you a woman of childbearing age working in the healthcare industry?  Be proactive in understanding the dangers of radiation exposure to both you and your unborn child. Visit Med-Pro, Inc. and order a normal body badge along with your fetal monitor. According to The National Council for Radiation Protection (NCRP), the fetal monitor should be monitored on a monthly basis, worn over the fetal area and under the lead apron when one is used.

For more information on ordering a fetal monitor call us at (800)697-1517 or order today  at sales. We guarantee the lowest price for radiation detection badges and fetal monitors. For more information regarding the development stages of the fetus and the affect of radiation go to CDC .




Why Use Med-Pro?

Radiation Badge

Why use Med-Pro radiation detection badges and not our competitors?

Simply put, Med-Pro, Inc.  takes care of its customers. Med-Pro offers free online management of your account that allows the Radiation Safety Officer or the designated account holder to have the ability of adding users to changing the color of theirs badges.  By empowering our customers to download their radiation detection reports at their convenience and offering some of the lowest rates in the industry, Med-Pro, Inc. has become one of the fastest growing dosimeter badge companies in the nation. How is this possible? We are committed to YOU the customer! We are constantly working to keep our services both easy and affordable for the end user.

Included with your subscription, you receive free downloads of your NRC Form 5 and you have the ability to change of users.  Our laboratory is one of the oldest in the industry and maintains all of the needed certifications that helps you become OSHA compliant. Our customer service agents are here to help and because we are constantly adding staff, we have one of the highest retention rates in the radiation monitoring badge industry. When other companies are trying to “nickel and dime” their customers,  at Med-Pro Inc. you will not find any hidden fee’s or be given teaser rates.

Remember, our prices are below the industry average and we are constantly improving our offerings to help make the overall radiation detection experience both easy and affordable.  When you want to save money and have the largest Panasonic TLD lab as your provider, go to http://Med-Pro to order your radiation detection badges in under 5 mins!

Med-Pro, Inc. Guarantee’s the Lowest Prices

We are changing the radiation badge industry with the lowest prices!

While many of our competitors have hidden fee’s and offer teaser rate, at Med-Pro, Inc. you can shop with the knowledge that you are receiving the best price and customer service possible. Because our primary business is radiation badges and only radiation badges, we can offer the lowest prices for Panasonic TLD XBGN dosimetry rings and badges.  If you find an item that we offer available from

one of our competitors at a lower price, we will gladly meet our competitor’s delivered price.

The delivered price is the total price of the order from an authorized U.S. retailer
delivered to your door including product cost, shipping and any handling fees.

As this offer does not apply to items that have special promotions, we will consider
each of these possibilities on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us at to request a price match.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dosimeter Badge Use


Do’s and Don’ts of Dosimeter Badge Use

DO WEAR your dosimeter badge when working. Of what value is it if it is in a locker or purse?
DON’T WEAR IT when you are receiving X-rays for your own personal health care.
DON’T WEAR IT away from the workplace.
DON’T WEAR IT under your apron (unless using more than one dosimeter).
DO TURN IT IN promptly. Time gaps make analysis more difficult, less accurate, and reduces the legal and historical value of the reports.
DO REPORT A LOST/DAMAGED unit immediately (sunshine/heat, the washer, etc.). Prevent damage by not leaving your monitor in areas of high temperature.
DO PLACE the control in a radiation-safe area; this affects the accuracy of all dosimeters!
DON’T PLACE one in an area for testing (operator booth, receptionist’s desk, etc.). Additional badges for testing can be assigned and provided by the service.
DON’T SHARE one; this is illegal. An exposure total for a shared dosimeter is meaningless to each individual.
DON’T TAMPER with your dosimeter badge or anyone else’s. The reports are legal documents and are regarded as real exposures received.


Or for more information visit Radiochemistry