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Radiation detection
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Dos and Donts of Dosimeter Badge Use
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Radiation Detection Badges, Dosimetry & Dosimeter Badges. $5.00 a month. Accredited Lab. OSHA and State Compliance. Harshaw Dosimeter Rings, Badges & Bracelets.

Radiation Detection Badges, Dosimetry & Dosimeter Badges. $5.00 a month.  Accredited lab. OSHA and State compliance. Harshaw dosimeter rings, badges & bracelets from Med-Pro, Inc. a leading safety equipment provider for radiation and dosimetry badges domestically and internationally. Competitive prices, attention to safety and outstanding customer service  makes Med-Pro a well-known safety solution in the dosimetry market place. Our radiation service helps you the employer maintain compliance with the state and federal regulatory standards. Uses for our badges, rings and bracelets include medical, dental, industrial, research and government applications.

At Med-Pro, Inc. you can shop for Harshaw radiation and dosimetry badges with the knowledge that you are receiving the best price and customer service. Our only business is radiation badge monitoring: Harshaw TLD XBG and TLD XBGN dosimetry badges, bracelets and rings. As a result, we offer the lowest published rates on the internet.

Dosimetry Badges Made Simple

We know using a dosimeter service can be confusing. Because we care, we have made dosimetry & radiation badge service a simple process. We monitor your employee’s for their safety and as a possible deterrent of frivolous lawsuits for your protection. As a result, you can focus on growing your  business or practice.  Why should Med-Pro, Inc. be a part of your organizations radiation monitoring program?  Our excellent customer service along with the most accurate products on the market, provides us one of the highest retention rates in the radiation monitoring badge industry. Needing a lab that offers accreditation or certification? Call us and allow our professional team help you make the right decisions to protect your practice and your employees. General information on radiation monitoring and which dosimeter you should use can be found at faq. For more information about Med-Pro Inc. and our full array of dosimetry services for monitoring radiation exposure, please contact us via email at or call 800-697-1517 to speak with a representative.

Panasonic TLD XBGN Badge (type 82)

HARSHAW TLD XBG Dosimeter Badge

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TASL Panasonic Track Etch XBGN Radiation Monitoring Badges

HARSHAW TLD XBGN Radiation Monitoring Badges (neutron reading technology)

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Panasonic TLD XBGN Extremity Rings

Harshaw TLD Extremity Rings

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Panasonic TLD XBGN Bracelets

HARSHAW TLD XBG Dosimeter Bracelets

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